YOUNG CITY - Wednesday February 3rd @ 6pm

Lesedi is a Zulu name meaning The Light of the Community.
We aim to live up to our name.

Art show fundraiser event to support filmmaking workshops for teens at Lesedi Film Center.

Featuring original paintings from artists Alicia Piller and Marisha Scott; and photography by Laylah Barrayn and Valerie Caviness - YOUNG CITY promises to be an event that fully celebrates the spirit of youth. We commend the belief that we, at any age can create change in the world, and that what we perceive as children has profound effects.

Think back to your youth. Was there an after-school or weekend program you were involved with that changed the direction of your life for the better? And as a child, or as a teen, was there a story you had inside you that you were eager to share?

Lesedi's goal is to empower our students with the skills and creative confidence to competently share their stories using film. The work so far has been astounding - and we're looking forward to what's to come in the future...

Let your inner child out to play a game of hopscotch and support the continuation of our filmmaking workshop series. Twenty-five dollars. That's about as much as you'd spend taking someone out ot the movies. Take Lesedi "out to the movies" by contributing $25 at the door and maybe one day you will see one of our student's film debut at a theatre near you...

It's time to celebrate!

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