Creative Synergy

Lesedi Film Center is joining forces with The Artists Collective for Social Change and Dixon Place Theatre to create an afterschool Video Art/Dance Choreography exchange workshop at Tompkins Square Middle School on Manhattan's Lower East Side.
The emphasis of the Video Art component of the collaboration is on non-traditional visual and audio storytelling. Students of both the dance and video concentrations will create stories based on shared themes. Isolated exercises will train students to express stories using just visual imagery, and just elements of sound respectively. Projects created in this workshop will demonstrate strong intention behind story and feeling and key elements of video post-production. Student participants will leave this program with a skill set including still photography, videography, elements of story structure, video editing, uploading and DVD authoring.
Students in the dance concentration will use improvisation, salsa rhythms, and energetic exercises to develop a dance with a personal storyline. Exploration of musicality through sound, rhythm, and beat will be emphasized. The Dance Choreography class will also collaborate with the Video Art class to produce a performance piece of dance, sound, and video, which will be performed at TSMS and also at the Dixon Place Theater.

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